Monday, April 30, 2007

Album Of The Month: April 2007

Bob Dylan/The Band: Before The Flood

I bought this album as a gift for my brother one year, and then it turned out he already owned it, so I kept it. It was in my collection for a while and then I started to listen to it, and it is one of the main things that drove me into the singer/songwriter direction of musical appreciation.

Before I heard this album I was into the whole jam band thing, and never cared much for lyrics and music in terms of 'the song' rather then just the music.

If it weren't for this album as well as a few others, I would not be the songwriter I am today.

It is also one of the best live albums you could ever listen to, so listen to it.

Random Mix 1

So this last month has been pretty random when it comes to listening to my tunes. I have mostly been listening to my collection on random to try and catch songs I wouldnt normally think of listening to. So its been fun and a learning experience.

So that is how I made this mix. I randomized play and the first fifteen songs that came up made the mix. Just be glad no live Phish made the list. Haha.

  1. Gigantic - The Pixies - Off of their album 'Surfer Rosa'.
  2. Hey Joe - Jimi Hendrix - I got this version off of the 'BBC Sessions' album.
  3. Softly and Tenderly Jesus Is Calling - Robert Sean Leonard - I got this from the 'Chelsea Walls' Soundtrack.
  4. The Thin Ice - Pink Floyd - Off of their album 'The Wall'.
  5. Don't Worry About It - N*E*R*D - Off of their album 'Fly Or Die'.
  6. Arizona Skies - Los Lobos - Off of their album 'Kiko'
  7. See You Sometime - Joni Mitchell - Off of her album 'For The Roses'.
  8. You Are What You Love - Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins - Off of the album 'Rabbit Fur Coat.
  9. Inside and Out - Feist - Off of their album 'Let it Die'.
  10. Alison - Elvis Costello - Off of his album 'My Aim Is True'.
  11. The Shape I'm In - Bob Dylan/The Band - Off of the album 'Before The Flood'. This is the Album of the Month as well.
  12. Don't Be Surprised - Candid - Off of their album 'Misinterpreter'.
  13. Singapore - Tom Waits - Off of his album 'Rain Dogs'.
  14. Ground On Down - Ben Harper - Off of his album 'Fight For Your Mind'.
  15. Cool Blue Reason - Cake - Off of their album 'Prolonging The Magic'.