Monday, April 30, 2007

Random Mix 1

So this last month has been pretty random when it comes to listening to my tunes. I have mostly been listening to my collection on random to try and catch songs I wouldnt normally think of listening to. So its been fun and a learning experience.

So that is how I made this mix. I randomized play and the first fifteen songs that came up made the mix. Just be glad no live Phish made the list. Haha.

  1. Gigantic - The Pixies - Off of their album 'Surfer Rosa'.
  2. Hey Joe - Jimi Hendrix - I got this version off of the 'BBC Sessions' album.
  3. Softly and Tenderly Jesus Is Calling - Robert Sean Leonard - I got this from the 'Chelsea Walls' Soundtrack.
  4. The Thin Ice - Pink Floyd - Off of their album 'The Wall'.
  5. Don't Worry About It - N*E*R*D - Off of their album 'Fly Or Die'.
  6. Arizona Skies - Los Lobos - Off of their album 'Kiko'
  7. See You Sometime - Joni Mitchell - Off of her album 'For The Roses'.
  8. You Are What You Love - Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins - Off of the album 'Rabbit Fur Coat.
  9. Inside and Out - Feist - Off of their album 'Let it Die'.
  10. Alison - Elvis Costello - Off of his album 'My Aim Is True'.
  11. The Shape I'm In - Bob Dylan/The Band - Off of the album 'Before The Flood'. This is the Album of the Month as well.
  12. Don't Be Surprised - Candid - Off of their album 'Misinterpreter'.
  13. Singapore - Tom Waits - Off of his album 'Rain Dogs'.
  14. Ground On Down - Ben Harper - Off of his album 'Fight For Your Mind'.
  15. Cool Blue Reason - Cake - Off of their album 'Prolonging The Magic'.

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