Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I am a slacker...

I know what you are thinking, What kindof Album of the Month blog doesnt actually post an Album of the Month?...and I apologize.

I have been super busy lately and it has lead to a lack of posting.

That doesnt mean there hasnt been some albums of the month, cause there have. And I have been keeping record of them. Hopefully I will get around to posting them soon...but alas I wouldn't hold my breathe.

I will definitely make it up to you readers at the end of the year, with a 'Songs of the Year' mix that I am already adding to. Its been a great year for music, and I havent even scratched the surface.

Anyways, sorry again for not updating...just keep listening to good music!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Album Of The Month: April 2007

Bob Dylan/The Band: Before The Flood

I bought this album as a gift for my brother one year, and then it turned out he already owned it, so I kept it. It was in my collection for a while and then I started to listen to it, and it is one of the main things that drove me into the singer/songwriter direction of musical appreciation.

Before I heard this album I was into the whole jam band thing, and never cared much for lyrics and music in terms of 'the song' rather then just the music.

If it weren't for this album as well as a few others, I would not be the songwriter I am today.

It is also one of the best live albums you could ever listen to, so listen to it.

Random Mix 1

So this last month has been pretty random when it comes to listening to my tunes. I have mostly been listening to my collection on random to try and catch songs I wouldnt normally think of listening to. So its been fun and a learning experience.

So that is how I made this mix. I randomized play and the first fifteen songs that came up made the mix. Just be glad no live Phish made the list. Haha.

  1. Gigantic - The Pixies - Off of their album 'Surfer Rosa'.
  2. Hey Joe - Jimi Hendrix - I got this version off of the 'BBC Sessions' album.
  3. Softly and Tenderly Jesus Is Calling - Robert Sean Leonard - I got this from the 'Chelsea Walls' Soundtrack.
  4. The Thin Ice - Pink Floyd - Off of their album 'The Wall'.
  5. Don't Worry About It - N*E*R*D - Off of their album 'Fly Or Die'.
  6. Arizona Skies - Los Lobos - Off of their album 'Kiko'
  7. See You Sometime - Joni Mitchell - Off of her album 'For The Roses'.
  8. You Are What You Love - Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins - Off of the album 'Rabbit Fur Coat.
  9. Inside and Out - Feist - Off of their album 'Let it Die'.
  10. Alison - Elvis Costello - Off of his album 'My Aim Is True'.
  11. The Shape I'm In - Bob Dylan/The Band - Off of the album 'Before The Flood'. This is the Album of the Month as well.
  12. Don't Be Surprised - Candid - Off of their album 'Misinterpreter'.
  13. Singapore - Tom Waits - Off of his album 'Rain Dogs'.
  14. Ground On Down - Ben Harper - Off of his album 'Fight For Your Mind'.
  15. Cool Blue Reason - Cake - Off of their album 'Prolonging The Magic'.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Album of the Month: March 2007

Modest Mouse: We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank

This album rocks. And why shouldn't it with an appearance from James Mercer (The Shins) on three tracks, and new Modest Mouse guitarist Johnny Marr, formerly of The Smiths.

After first appearances this album may seem as long-winded as the title would have you believe, but it doesn't fail to continuously rock.

Honestly for me 'The Parting Of The Sensory' alone is worth the purchase of this album.

This year is turning out to be one hell of a year for music, and its only March.

Successful Completion Mix

This mix should be playing when you open this page.

Or you can listen to this mix while you browse by following the link at the top of this page. If the audio player fails to load be sure and disable your pop-up blocker.
  1. Nothing Up My Sleeve - Wilco - I got this off of the 'Yankee Hotel Foxtrot' B-sides and demos collection I have.
  2. Cocoon - The Decemberists - Off of their album 'Castaways and Cutouts'.
  3. After Hours - The Velvet Underground - Off of their album 'The Velvet Underground'.
  4. Cymbal Rush - Thom Yorke - Off of his album 'Eraser'.
  5. Habit - Pearl Jam - Off of their album 'No Code'.
  6. One of these Days - Pink Floyd - Off of their album 'Meddle'.
  7. Assessment - The Beta Band - Off of their album 'Heroes To Zeros'.
  8. The Iliad - Tapes 'n Tapes - Off of their album 'The Loon'.
  9. This House Is Not For Sale - Ryan Adams - Off of his album 'Love is Hell'.
  10. Where Is Home? - Bloc Party - Off of their album 'A Weekend In The City'.
  11. Parting Of The Sensory - Modest Mouse - Off of their album 'We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank' which is the Album of the Month.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Album of the Month: February 2007

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - Some Loud Thunder

One of the newest additions to my collection and I haven't been able to turn it off since I pre-ordered it in January and was able to download the tracks immediately.

The album starts off with a bang with the title track 'Some Loud Thunder' and continues from there without a dull moment.

I haven't been this pleased about an album purchase in a long time.

This is a must listen.

My Head Mix

This month we have a special guest who provided the mix. My best pal Sparky was in town this last week, and he put this mix together for you listeners out there.

He hopes you like it, as do I.
  1. Little Acorns - The White Stripes - Off of their album 'Elephant'.
  2. Untitled - All Time Quarterback - Off of the album 'All Time Quarterback!'.
  3. Anything You Want - Spoon - Off of their album 'Girls Can Tell'.
  4. I Felt Like Smashing My Head Through A Clear Glass Window - Of Montreal - Off of their album 'The Bird Who Continues To Eat The Rabbit's Flower'.
  5. Shadow Stabbing - Cake - Off of their album 'Comfort Eagle'.
  6. Im In No Mood - The Fiery Furnaces - Off of their album 'Bitter Tea'.
  7. Satan Said Dance - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - Off of their album 'Some Loud Thunder' which is the Album of the Month.
  8. Fake Palindromes - Andrew Bird - Off of his album 'The Mysterious Production of Eggs'.
  9. Cold Brains - Beck - Off of his album 'Mutations'.
  10. Oh Lately It's So Quiet - Ok Go - Off of their album 'Oh No'.
  11. Turn A Square - The Shins - Off of their album 'Chutes to Narrow'.
  12. Where Is My Mind??? - Pixies - Off of their album 'Surfer Rosa'.
  13. Two-Headed Boy - Neutral Milk Hotel - Off of their album 'In the Aeroplane Over the Sea'.
  14. Paper Thin Walls - Modest Mouse - Off of their album 'The Moon and Antarctica'.
  15. Wake Up - Arcade Fire - Off of their album 'Funeral'.
  16. The Weakest Part - Yo La Tengo - Off of their album 'I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass'.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Album Of The Month: January 2007

Death Cab For Cutie - The Photo Album

Death Cab For Cutie has always been one of those bands I have had in my collection (thanks George) but was never able to really get into. Even when the album 'Plans' came out, I wasnt that impressed at the time, and kindof put this band on hold.

Then, due to my recent love affair with 'The Postal Service' and Ben Gibbard's lovely singing voice, I decided to really sit down and give them a listen. I haven't really stopped since.

This album inparticular has been haunting my stereo lately. I can honestly say I love everything about it.

I am ashamed of my false judgment.

Don't you wish I knew what I was talking about?

Fresh Mix

To start off the new year, I decided that not only am I running out of ideas for mix themes, but I also decided to make the Fresh Mix. Whatever that means.
  1. So Fresh, So Clean - Outkast - Off of their album 'Stankonia'.
  2. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place - The Animals - Off of the album, 'The Best of The Animals'.
  3. Fixing A Hole - The Beatles - Off of their album 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'.
  4. Prove It - Television - Off of their album 'Marquee Moon'
  5. Days Of Being Wild - And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Off of their album 'Source Tags & Codes'.
  6. The Idiot Kings - Soul Coughing - Off of their album 'Irresistible Blues'.
  7. I Was A Kaleidoscope - Death Cab For Cutie - Off of their album 'The Photo Album'. This is the Album of the Month, so give this track a listen.
  8. I Want a New Drug - Huey Lewis & The News - Off of their album 'Sports'.
  9. This Wheel's On Fire - The Band - Off of their album 'Music From Big Pink'.
  10. I.O.U. - The Replacements - Off of their album 'Pleased To Meet Me'.
  11. Long Time Ago - Golden Smog - Off of their album 'Another Fine Day'.