Monday, September 18, 2006

Blue Mix

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Ive decided to start going with the color themes, and what better color to start with then Blue. Everyone knows the blues, or has felt blue and turned to music. There's nothing more blue then a lot of the music out there...every shade possible...even periwinkle.

  1. Invitation to the Blue - Tom Waits - From his album 'Small Change'.
  2. Yer Blues - The Beatles - From 'The White Album'.
  3. Disco - Mike Gordon and Leo Kottke - From their album 'Clone'.
  4. Cancer for the Cure - The Eels - Off of their album 'Electro-Shock Blues'.
  5. Railroad Blues - The Beastie Boys - I got this one off of 'The Sounds of Science'.
  6. Bottle of Blues - Beck - Off of the album 'Mutations' (which is also the album of the month).
  7. Hear My Train A Comin' - Jimi Hendrix - I got this acoustic version off of the album 'Jimi Blues'.
  8. Come on in My Kitchen - Robert Johnson - I took this from 'Martin Scorsese presents Robert Johnson'. No Blue Mix can be complete without him.
  9. Blue Orchid - The White Stripes - Off of their album 'Get Behind Me Satan'.
  10. True Blue - Bright Eyes - Off of the 'Lua' EP.
  11. Pale Blue Eyes - The Velvet Underground - Off of their self-titled album.
  12. Rollercoaster - M. Ward - Off of his new album 'Post War'.
  13. Have You Forgotten - Red House Painters - Off of their album 'Songs for a Blue Guitar'.
  14. It's All Over Now Baby Blue - Bob Dylan - Off of his album 'Bringing it All Back Home'.

I decided that I am going to include one track from the album of the month in each mix from now on, so you can get a slight taste of that album, and maybe it will peak your interest to check out the rest of it.

Cause you should.

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