Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Album Of The Month: January 2007

Death Cab For Cutie - The Photo Album

Death Cab For Cutie has always been one of those bands I have had in my collection (thanks George) but was never able to really get into. Even when the album 'Plans' came out, I wasnt that impressed at the time, and kindof put this band on hold.

Then, due to my recent love affair with 'The Postal Service' and Ben Gibbard's lovely singing voice, I decided to really sit down and give them a listen. I haven't really stopped since.

This album inparticular has been haunting my stereo lately. I can honestly say I love everything about it.

I am ashamed of my false judgment.

Don't you wish I knew what I was talking about?

1 comment:

Frillytoothpicks said...

I am so glad you let ben in. He's my corey paige- I would marry ben gibbard in a hot second.