Friday, June 30, 2006

The Flying Mix

In light of all the flying I did this month, on top of the countless trips to the Airport to pick up friends coming in, and to drop off friends leaving, I decided to dedicate this mix to flying. Hence the name. Other then that I am trying to capture my feelings about flying, and what I feel when I am flying in this mix. Maybe you can relate to a bit of it...maybe not.

I know its late, and I know that there is no June acoustic I won't be handing this one out. But here it is anyways. If you really need a copy let me know and I will try to get you one. But remember I am only allowed to make seven copies of each one thanks to itunes. Sure there are ways around that, but Im lazy remember.

  1. At the Bottom of Everything - Bright Eyes - Off of their album 'I'm Wide Awake It's Morning'. This is the first Bright Eyes I ever heard, and I instantly fell in love with them, this album in particular.
  2. Helicopter - Bloc Party - Off of their album 'Silent Alarm'. There are a lot of bands trying to make this kindof music and in my opinion Bloc Party is the best at it.
  3. Airline to Heaven - Wilco/Billy Bragg/Woody Guthrie - Off of the Album 'Mermaid Avenue Vol. 2'. Wilco writing music for Woody Guthrie lyrics? BOOIING!!!
  4. I Think I See the Light - Cat Stevens - Off of the album 'Mona Bone Jakon'. He may not be allowed to fly anymore, but he can be on my flying mix.
  5. Fly - Nick Drake - Off of the album 'Bryter Layter'. A beautiful song, you may recognize it from a beautiful movie.
  6. Such Great Heights - The Postal Service - Off of their album 'Give Up'. I recently just got into this band. I like the way they use electronic music and I enjoy the overall sound of this band a lot.
  7. Flying - The Beatles - Off of their album 'Magical Mystery Tour'. Its about that point in the flight where you start to daydream a bit and this song is a good soundtrack for what might be going on in your head.
  8. My Flying Saucer - Wilco/Billy Bragg/Woody Guthrie - Off of the album 'Mermaid Avenue Vol. 2'. I know I know I already used one from this same album, but this song is perfect to snap you out of your daydream.
  9. Fly From Heaven - Toad the Wet Sprocket - Off of their album 'Dulcinea'. This is sort of the halfway point where you've peaked and instead of departing you are officially arriving.
  10. White Fluffy Clouds - Camper Van Beethoven - Off of their album 'New Roman Times'. Something to listen to while you watch the clouds fly by underneath you.
  11. Coast to Coast - Elliot Smith - Off of the album 'From a Basement on a Hill'. One of my favorite singer/songwriters, I often find myself listening to him while I'm people watching twenty thousand feet in the air.
  12. There is a Mountain - Donovan - Off of 'Donovan's Greatest Hits' album. What better way to say it.
  13. Omaha - The Counting Crows - Off of their album 'August and Everything After'. Somewhere in Middle America.
  14. I Turn My Camera On - Spoon - Off of their album 'Gimme Fiction'. Another great new band.
  15. Sweet Ones - Sarah Slean - Off of the album 'Night Bugs'. I first heard this song when my friends band covered it, and I've decided that everyone needs to hear it, because it is a great song.
  16. Let's Get Ready to Crumble - The Russian Futurists - Off of their album 'Let's Get Ready to Crumble'. Its about that time that the plane has landed and parked and you are just sitting in the back row waiting for everyone to get out of your way so you can continue living.
  17. Exit Planes - Tobin Sprout - Off of the album 'Moonflower Plastic'.
  18. I'm Lonely (But I ain't that Lonely Yet) - The White Stripes - Off of their album 'Get Behind Me Satan'. Just because you don't feel like hopping on the next jet.

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