Friday, December 15, 2006

Holiday Mix

Well, since I don't have any Christmas music (despite my overwhelming urge to buy 'Twisted Christmas') I have decided to fashion myself a mix to get me through the holidays.

And here it is;
  1. What's This - Danny Elfman - Off of the 'Tim Burton's - The Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack'.
  2. On A Holiday - Brian Wilson - Off of his album 'SMiLE'. This is the Album of the month, so you can give this track a listen to get a little taste.
  3. Wind Chimes - Brian Wilson - Also off of 'SMiLE' which is the Album of the Month.
  4. Christmas - The Who - Off of their album 'Tommy'.
  5. I'm In No Mood - The Fiery Furnaces - Off of their album 'Bitter Tea'.
  6. Black-Hearted Boy - The Fiery Furnaces - Off of their album 'Bitter Tea'.
  7. Christ For President - Wilco/Billy Bragg/Woody Guthrie - Off of the Mermaid Avenue Vol. 1 Album.
  8. Holidays In The Sun - The Sex Pistols - Off of their album 'Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols'.
  9. One Big Holiday - My Morning Jacket - Off of their album 'It Still Moves'.
  10. Styrofoam Plates - Death Cab For Cutie - Off of their album 'The Photo Album'.
  11. So Much Wine - The Handsome Family - Off of their album 'In The Air'. This is my favorite folk song right now. It is one of the best songs ever in my opinion.
  12. Living Life - The Eels - Off of their album 'With Strings, Live At Town Hall'. This is the Album of the Year so you can listen to this track to get a little taste of that.

I normally wouldnt put two songs from the same album on a mix, especially twice in one mix, but both combinations were perfect for this mix and the mood I was trying to capture throughout. So it was worth it.

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